Truly Cares About His Clients

We had almost lost hope about actually being able to be together. The process of becoming a permanent resident had so many obstacles we thought would truly be impossible to get past. Looking online and reading government websites, it was so overwhelming. We thought that even if we had an immigration attorney that the process would still be too difficult to handle. After finding Joel, we called him often. He was always there to reassure us that everything will end up okay in the end. He would talk to us for hours sometimes just to ensure that we could feel confident about our case and not worrying constantly. He guided us and was there for us every step of the way. He never once made us feel like we were a bother to him, like many people had done. He was understanding about our specific situation and our faults. He has shown to truly care about his clients as individuals. Today, the permanent resident card came in the mail. Without Joel, this all may not have been possible. We appreciate everything he has done to help us get to where we are. We highly recommend him to anyone else who, like us, have felt like the process is too overwhelming or impossible. Thank you Joel, for everything!

E & J