Joel is a Rockstar

Joel is a Rockstar!! First off, my husband is from Greece and had a pretty difficult case as he overstayed his visa waiver by nearly a year. We had contacted 3 attorneys prior to contacting Joel. We had no luck with any of them. One attorney told my husband to get on a plane and go back to Greece as there was “no hope in hell to adjust his status in San Diego County!” We grew very anxious and frustrated and really began to think that there was no hope for him.

I contacted Joel and he was very reluctant at first to take our case. We spent 2 hours on the phone as he explained (if he took our case) what it would entail. Both Joel and my husband and I decided we would think on it over the weekend as he provided us with options. Come Monday morning, Joel called and fortunately both of us decided that we would move forward with our case.

Joel is very dedicated, professional, HONEST, thorough, and just a great guy! Joel was always there when we needed questions answered or just to ease our worries. Joel explained in great detail how the process would occur. Let’s just say, he put us at ease with our not-so-easy case.

We had our interview March 26th, 2013. The immigration officer did not make a decision and advised us that he would have to speak with his supervisor and he was not sure if we would be required to come back for a second interview or if a determination would be made at a later date. Lo and behold, at 8:00 PM the same day, Joel called us with the fantastic news; my husband had been approved for U.S. permanent residency! My husband and I thank Joel from the bottom of our hearts for his help! I HIGHLY recommend Joel Friedman for your immigration attorney!

Joel is the man!!! Thanks again, Joel!!:)

Joanne and Thanos