Came Back to Work WIth Joel Again

My name is Patrycja and I married my husband over 2 years ago. When we realized how much paper work it is to apply for green card, we knew that we had to hire a lawyer. I already found future employer, who told me he will wait for me, as long as I will receive my green card in no later than in three months. With Joel’s extraordinary professional help we applied in no time. He always had as much time as we needed and he even went with us for our interview. We received my green card in three months, but what was more important I received permission for travel and work even before that. Now I am happy to work in Drug Discovery field for over 2 years. Before my two year long card expired, we needed to apply for new one …. and guess what? We came back to work with Joel again. I think this shows the most how good he is. I already received my second card without second interview or any problems. I always tell about Joel to my friends. He has my highest commendations. Hiring him actually saved me money; because I could start working faster than if I tried to go thru all the paper work myself.

Patrycja & Alec