Attentive, Friendly, and Ready to Help

Attorney Joel Friedman did a great job with our case. I came to the U.S. by Fiancee visa, and six month later I got my green card. I’ve heard from many people, who were complaining of red tape routine with resident status processes that makes them wait more than two-three years or more. In our case, all procedures were conducted on time and successfully. Despite of the fact that I am from Kazakhstan, a country of which USCIS officer has never heard, the interview was light, stress-less and quick. All this indicates lawyer’s excellent organization, knowledge, experience, loyalty, flexibility and high professionalism. I agree with other people’s reviews saying Joel is on top of everything. He is very well-informed and controls a situation. In addition, his attitude to his clients is very attentive, friendly and ready-to-help. He familiarizes us with all necessary information very lucid and exhaustive, so that we are always well-informed. Our success is a result of his great job. Recommendable!

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