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Joel is a Rockstar!! First off, my husband is from Greece and had a pretty difficult case as he overstayed his visa waiver by nearly a year. We had contacted 3 attorneys prior to contacting Joel. We had no luck with any of them. One attorney told my husband to get on a plane and go back to Greece as there was "no hope in hell to adjust his status in San Diego County!" We grew very anxious and frustrated and really began to think that there was no hope for him.


I contacted Joel and he was very reluctant at first to take our case. We spent 2 hours on the phone as he explained (if he took our case) what it would entail. Both Joel and my husband and I decided we would think on it over the weekend as he provided us with options. Come Monday morning, Joel called and fortunately both of us decided that we would move forward with our case.


Joel is very dedicated, professional, HONEST, thorough, and just a great guy! Joel was always there when we needed questions answered or just to ease our worries. Joel explained in great detail how the process would occur. Let's just say, he put us at ease with our not-so-easy case.


We had our interview March 26th, 2013. The immigration officer did not make a decision and advised us that he would have to speak with his supervisor and he was not sure if we would be required to come back for a second interview or if a determination would be made at a later date. Lo and behold, at 8:00 PM the same day, Joel called us with the fantastic news; my husband had been approved for U.S. permanent residency! My husband and I thank Joel from the bottom of our hearts for his help! I HIGHLY recommend Joel Friedman for your immigration attorney!


Joel is the man!!! Thanks again, Joel!!:)


Joanne and Thanos




Immigration can be a very stressful time even under the best of circumstances. Joel was with us every step of the way and guided us through each stage of the process with professionalism and sincere care. We interviewed a handful of lawyers and after speaking with Joel for 2 minutes, we knew he was the one. He was always available to answer our questions and calm our concerns. Not only is he a great lawyer and resource...but he's also a good man. My husband and I would recommend him to anyone in need of assistance with their immigration needs. Trust us...he is the one for you! (Joel, if you ever read this...Thank you for all that you did for us...we will never forget you.)


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Pilita & Anthony B.



We came to Joel at a very emotional time when we were devastated because my visa was denied.   He was especially patient and explained step by step what our options were. He helped us filling all the paper work and preparing for interviews. Joel was always available to answer our questions despite the time zone differences.

We are very happy to be reunited as a family after a 5 year long-distance relationship and we recommend him as the most trusted friendly and professional immigration attorney in San Diego.

  Adam and Katherine

We had almost lost hope about actually being able to be together. The process of becoming a permanent resident had so many obstacles we thought would truly be impossible to get past. Looking online and reading government websites, it was so overwhelming. We thought that even if we had an immigration attorney that the process would still be too difficult to handle. After finding Joel, we called him often. He was always there to reassure us that everything will end up okay in the end. He would talk to us for hours sometimes just to ensure that we could feel confident about our case and not worrying constantly. He guided us and was there for us every step of the way. He never once made us feel like we were a bother to him, like many people had done. He was understanding about our specific situation and our faults. He has shown to truly care about his clients as individuals. Today, the permanent resident card came in the mail. Without Joel, this all may not have been possible. We appreciate everything he has done to help us get to where we are. We highly recommend him to anyone else who, like us, have felt like the process is too overwhelming or impossible. Thank you Joel, for everything!


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E & J


If you are looking for a professional, well organized and competent lawyer, then look no further. When my immigration procedures became more complicated, I searched through listings for immigration lawyers in San Diego and reached out to Joel for advice and counsel. Many lawyers will not give you the time of day before you agree to have them represent you, but Joel showed a genuine interest in my case, and me as a person, even before I had made my decision to work with him. Due to his thorough preparation and persistency to motivate me, I am now an unconditional Permanent Resident of the United States. To this day, Joel still touches base with me, and when I apply for citizenship in a few years time, he will be the first person I call. Thanks for everything Joel!"


Adam Goffin



"First Rate Immigration Help Is Here!"


"My wife and I went to Joel Friedman to help correct the issues she had regarding a visa overstay. During the entire process Joel was very friendly, accessible, and continued to probe us for more questions that he would be able to give us the answer for. Whenever I had a question or concern, Joel was there to address it immediately. I never felt "in the dark" about the entire process and his informative tips on the way to handle various situations made our case go VERY smoothly. I recommend Joel 100% to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer. From the reasonable fees to the friendly demeanor he portrays, to the vast amount of knowledge he was able to give us that helped us along ... everything that Joel provides is TOP NOTCH. I look forward to using Joel again when it comes time to get my wife's Citizenship. :)"


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Jimmi and Family


"We needed a good immigration attorney to obtain the K1 (Fiance Visa). We can't say enough good things about Joel Friedman as an expert in Immigration law and a great person. We came to him at a very emotional and stressful time after calling multiple attorneys and leaving messages and not receiving any calls back. Joel called us faster than we expected. He was very professional and very knowledgeable in his field. He did everything possible to help us guiding us with all the paper work that we required for the K1 visa coming from Brazil. We were all the time able to get in touch with him. We would highly recommend Joel to anyone who is looking for a good immigration lawyer.


Isabelle and Ero



"Thorough, Reliable Lawyer - and Friendly Too!"

"The process of getting my Spanish wife her green card was made easy and even pleasant thanks to Joel. He took what seemed a daunting task and made it not only doable but as stress-free as possible for us. And this is due to his professional demeanor described by some of the other adjectives by other posts like flawless, fast, friendly, trustworthy and to which I'll add thorough. There was never any doubt that he had our best intentions in mind--so much it seemed at times he was more invested in our case than we were! I whole-heartedly recommend Joel to anyone needing an immigration lawyer and will not hesitate to use his services in the future if needed."





"Excellent Lawyer!"

"Joel has been our family's immigration lawyer for many years. Joel is professional, very friendly, and completely trustworthy.  He first represented my husband and me for my green card.  I had a problem that I needed help with.  Joel expertly resolved the problem and because of him I was granted my green card.  Several years later Joel helped me to get my U.S. citizenship.  After I became a U.S. citizen he got my mother her green card.  We all live in San Diego because of Joel and his great work on our cases. 


I am very happy that I found Joel!  I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer."


Elvira Frederick




My name is Patrycja and I married my husband over 2 years ago. When we realized how much paper work it is to apply for green card, we knew that we had to hire a lawyer. I already found future employer, who told me he will wait for me, as long as I will receive my green card in no later than in three months. With Joel’s extraordinary professional help we applied in no time. He always had as much time as we needed and he even went with us for our interview. We received my green card in three months, but what was more important I received permission for travel and work even before that.   Now I am happy to work in Drug Discovery field for over 2 years. Before my two year long card expired, we needed to apply for new one …. and guess what? We came back to work with Joel again. I think this shows the most how good he is. I already received my second card without second interview or any problems.  I always tell about Joel to my friends. He has my highest commendations. Hiring him actually saved me money; because I could start working faster than if I tried to go thru all the paper work myself.


Patrycja & Alec



"Very Professional!"

"Joel Friedman is a great attorney here in San Diego, who will take care of your case fast and flawless. Initially, he provide services to obtain my "Greencard". The process went very smooth and no headaches whatsoever. Happy with his services, I hired him once again to take care of my citizenship. A few months later and my Oath Ceremony had been scheduled. In summary: Need a good attorney? You can't go wrong with Mr. Joel Friedman."




Joel handled my parents' application for permanent residency status in the US. He guided us effectively through the application preparation, application submission, and interviews. It was a pleasure to work with Joel and we gained much from his experience and knowledge. Our application was successful.


Konstantine Georgakakos, Sc.D.



"We are very happy with the way Joel handled our case and navigated us through the legal maze of the U. S. immigration system. Dealing with the government and in particular immigration, involves tons of paperwork, intimate knowledge of deadlines, and expert knowledge of how the process works. In this regard, we were extremely blessed in having Joel Friedman, Esq. by our side to assure us that we weren't delayed or turned down because of overlooking any detail.

We were charged a very fair set-fee, that never escalated. Joel was always available same day for any questions that we had and promptly returned emails. In fact, we'll use Joel for all our immigration needs and highly recommend his expertise."

Jeff & Sonia Diaz



"Dear Mr. Friedman -


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for helping to secure the K-1 visa and the Green Card for Diana.  You were with us all the way with your kindness, friendship, and of course, your help.  Your diligence and knowledge of the entire process were most instrumental in making things go smoothly...and you even helped after the paperwork was at the Consulate with your continued suggestions and assistance as how the interview would be conducted and items Diana needed to bring along with her.  You were always available to share your opinions and experience when we were worried or confused or just wanted to ask a question.  


The packages you put together for us (I-130, I-129F,I-134….) were well organized, impressive and easy to read. We believe that is one of the big reasons Diana was approved for her K-1 visa and she got her green card so easy!  We will recommend you to anyone going through this process.  Once again, thank you so very much for all you’ve done in helping our dreams come true."


Enzo and Diana


We found Joel to be friendly, thorough, and effective. He got quick approval of an application to extend the length of a Thai family member's Tourist Visa. He discussed our situation at length with us and carefully explained our options. We agreed with his recommendation to apply for an extension. He then clearly outlined the information and documents he needed from us, and prepared and submitted the application. We felt he spent extra time with us to get to know each of us as more than just clients. It has been a pleasure for us to get to know Joel. I highly recommend him.


Gary S.



"Outstanding Lawyer was always there helping and answering any questions and concerns. Got us through the Green Card service with outstanding results. Would highly recommend for any of your immigration needs. Knows the Laws and requirements can not say enough good things about him. Thank you Joel."


Don & Marilou


"Attorney Joel Friedman did a great job with our case. I came to the U.S. by Fiancee visa, and six month later I got my green card. I've heard from many people, who were complaining of red tape routine with resident status processes that makes them wait more than two-three years or more. In our case, all procedures were conducted on time and successfully. Despite of the fact that I am from Kazakhstan, a country of which USCIS officer has never heard, the interview was light, stress-less and quick. All this indicates lawyer's excellent organization, knowledge, experience, loyalty, flexibility and high professionalism. I agree with other people's reviews saying Joel is on top of everything. He is very well-informed and controls a situation. In addition, his attitude to his clients is very attentive, friendly and ready-to-help. He familiarizes us with all necessary information very lucid and exhaustive, so that we are always well-informed. Our success is a result of his great job. Recommendable!"


R & L




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